About me

Luis in the tent

I love Bakewell Tarts. In fact I think it’s because of the Bakewell Tart that I taught myself how to bake.

The urge to learn how so few basic ingredients can be combined to create so many beautiful things was just too much. And of course learn how to make a good Bakewell Tart.

Thinking about it, the Bakewell Tart is probably close to the best baking for beginners tutor you could ever wish for. It teaches you the mysteries of pastry and the art of rolling it. Then there’s the jam layer. Why does jam set sometimes and not others, Bakewell will teach you. Followed by what is as near as damn it a layer of cake. All topped off with a covering of icing that can teach you the endless creativity of feathering techniques. Well I am a 70s child after all, so i’m allowed to like feathering!

So thanks to the humble Bakewell Tart, baking and creativity have become two of my passions in my life. It’s a good job they go hand in hand!

This year I was a contestant on the Great British Bake Off, an opportunity I grasped with both hands.

I baked a lot, laughed a lot, swore a lot, cried a lot, used a lot of flour and made a lot of new friends. Fabulous.

My baking always starts with a pencil and my notepad. I think, I draw then I bake. Whether its a cake, tart, pie or loaf, as long as a wonderful memory is created for the person enjoying it then it’s job done!

Mange tout Rodney, mange tout.